Russia may Recognize Breakaway Hargeisa, North Somalia To Open Base

Russia hopes to open a 1500-man naval base in the breakaway Hargeisa, Somalia in the horn of Africa, a region where numerous countries have done so in recent years because of its strategic location. But in exchange, Africa sources say, the  leadership expects Russia to recognize its independence  Hargeisa,  from Somalia.
If that happens, Moscow, which under Vladimir Putin has recognized two breakaway republics on the territory of the former Soviet space and promoted secessionist movements in Europe and the United States, would send a powerful signal that it is now prepared to get involved with secessionist groups in Africa, which are both numerous and troublesome

And that more than the extent to which such a base would challenge other countries including the United States and China which have military facilities in the horn could open the way to even greater Russian adventurism, especially coming on the heels of Russian intervention in the Somalia Federal Republic.
According to reports in the Russia. media this week, Russian diplomats began talking with the breakaway government at the end of last year about the possibility of establishing a base in North Somalia and are close to an agreement the Russian media say. Russia reportedly has offered $ 250 million US dollars in investment.
North Somalia . in turn wants official Russian recognition and has not been shy about talking about that in the media. Whether the Hargeisa, will get that remains to be seen, especially as one country – the UAE – already has a base there but has not officially recognized the breakaway republic. Russia, however, has shown itself more than willing to violate the international rules .