Sheikh Ahmed Madobe and James Swan discuss A Election 2020/21

Photo/Somali Times

Kismayo, His Excellency President of Jubaland Sheikh Ahmed Islam Mohamed today welcomed the UN Special Representative of the Secretary-General for Somalia, James Swan, on behalf of the European Union and the Intergovernmental Authority on Development (IGAD). Elections 2020 Conflict between the Federal Government and Member States and the pardon of debt in Somalia Complete the Constitution and other points.

The meeting was accompanied by the Vice President Mr. Abdikadir Haji Mohamud and some members of the Cabinet.

Leader Sheikh Ahmed Mohamed Islam has said the debt waiver and that is very important for the general public in their work that they are positive it was necessary for the government to know the equipment loan forgives our and the paths to it. Speaking on the finalization of the constitution, the President said that the Federal Government failed to complete it due to disputes that had to be resolved within the constitution and that the current approach was not necessary without the involvement of Member States. They’re right.

Issues Election 2020 he President said that it is important that together work personally not interests in the search to the President noted that the choice of a voice in their country can occur without making a cup exactly Finalizing the Constitution On security issues and negotiations in Somaliland that have not yet been done enough to allow people to vote while the country’s security is at stake, it is also important that the type of elections be agreed upon by the Federal Member States and political stakeholders in the country. .

The dispute between the Federal Government and the Member States is a major challenge as the Federal Government continues to intervene in regional governments in the face of the current interference in parts of Jubbaland, particularly the region. Gedo.

The President said that the Jubbaland state is in a good position and that a lot has been done to strengthen the unity and the unity of the community and that the people and the Jubaland government have worked together, noting that the flooding of Jubaland has affected parts of Jubbaland. and called on the international community to play their role in responding to the victims.

UN Special Representative for Somalia James Swan praised the President and the Government of Jubbaland for their peaceful progress and said it is a matter of pride that after the President’s election the security situation could not be jeopardized. the agency said that the multi-statement items required of participants in the debt rescheduling Somalia.

He added that the president discussed the 2020 election process and the fight against al-Shabaab to unite.