Somali Coast Guard, Police Headquarters Unveiled

Photo/Somali Times

Somali Police Force Commander Abdi Hassan Mohamed Hijaar has unveiled a new headquarters for the Somali Coast Guard, which has been established in the Mogadishu Port.

The new center is important for the Somali Police Force and coast guard, and is described as part of efforts to improve the police force and ensure coastal security in the country. The construction of the new center was supported by the European Union.

The unveiling ceremony was attended by Minister of State for Internal Security Farhan Ali Ahmed, Deputy Minister of Ports and Maritime Transport Mahad Mohamed Hassan, and the Deputy Special Representative of the United Nations, the Ambassador of the European Union, and other officials.

The $ 3 million project is being implemented in collaboration with the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs and the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime . It will serve as a base for the Somali Police Force to operate near Mogadishu Port and off the coast of Somalia, as well as to help develop the capacity of the Coast Guard.

The facility consists of a prefabricated building with technology equipment, a storage area, a floating aircraft, a boat arm, and a dormitory unit. The facility is also equipped with marine communications equipment to enable job preparation, and 60 naval officers have been trained and trained in maritime law enforcement, marine engineering and marine communications.

“The Somali Police Force’s maritime patrol unit will have a very effective operation and integration on the coast of Somalia, to ensure that maritime crime is reduced and dealt with effectively.

Construction of the new detached center began in 2018, and the closure coincides with a time when Somalia’s coasts have been relatively neglected in recent times, and sometimes toxic beaches are seen off the coast of Somalia. Chemically distanced from foreign countries, and there is also illegal fishing off the coast of Somalia by foreign vessels.