Somali Gor-gor Commandos has graduated Isparta School in Turkey

Photo/Somali Times

The 7th Gor-gor National Army Commandos have been trained at Isparta School in Turkey, where they have been undergoing various types of training for some time.

The Somali National Army have undergone intensive training in Turkey. The troops were trained at Isparta School in Turkey and the closing ceremony was attended by officials from the federal government of Somalia and the government of Turkey.

The trainees also performed high-level performances and ambush. General Mohamed Mohamud Hussein, the military attaché of the Somali embassy in Turkey who spoke at the forum said that the 7th Gor-gor National Army Commandos have been trained in Turkey and will continue the training. He also thanked the Turkish government for helping Somalia rebuild its armed forces.

“Today is indeed a great day for us. It is the seventh day, and it is still going on. We are fortunate to hear that young men in the Armed Forces are receiving special training every three months. It is designed to upgrade the country’s armed forces,” he said.

An undisclosed number of trained soldiers will take part in operations to ensure security in the country and the fight against al-Shabaab. However, Turkey is one of Somalia’s closest allies, providing military, medical, educational, economic and political assistance.