Somali Ministry of Agriculture and Turkey signed a Memorandum of Understanding

Mogadishu – This event was attended by the Ministry of Agriculture and the Tika Development Bank of Turkey aimed at addressing riverine, river and water basins,Deputy Prime Minister of Somalia Mahdi Mohamed Guled, some of the cabinet ministers, the farmers of the country, the Turkish ambassador to Turkey and the Tika officials.
The Minister of Agriculture and Water Resources of the Republic of Somalia Mr. Said Hussein Eid emphasized the importance of this agreement, saying the project will have a huge potential for Farmers and will supply sufficient water to nearly 100,000 hectares.
Also, the Minister of Agriculture of Somalia Mr. Said Hussein Eed said the agreement will help to make the floods more profitable, as well as damage to agricultural land, as well as many urban areas.
Co Hay “Agency TIKA Galib Yilmaz said mashaaricdan development work doonann as would Shabelle River dam water savings and water, and reached a deal today by the Ministry of Agriculture in the Government gives priority to the development of production Somalia.
Turkey’s Ambassador to Turkey, Mr. Baker, who spoke on the occasion said that the Turkish government is committed to supporting the Somali people and government.
He stressed the Turkish ambassador to Somalia. Olive Bakar hopes that the project will be completed within a year.

Deputy  Prime Minister of the Federal Republic of Somalia, Mr Mahdi Mohamed Guled . He said that if the project is implemented in 10 key areas of the country it will deal with it.

He said the prime minister and Deputy Prime Minister Hon Mahdi Mohamed Guled  at least 10 of the 8 things he will be remembering would be beneficial to the Water and Conservatory Lime Water.
Improve Food Production and Reduce Food Security and Hunger.
Access to Water for Water or Water Use.
to manage the flooding of the river when it breaks down the crop fields, the vicinity of the ponding trunk, which also contributes to it.
1-The economy is growing when farmers come to the conclusion, work for productivity growth.
2-The more we export, the more we produce our markets, the more we talk about it.
3-This agreement is part of such agreements as the Ministry of Agriculture has entered a number of countries, including Egypt, Sudan and Turkey, and all define how to improve