Somali Ministry of Agriculture announces new livestock exports to the Middle East

The Minister of Agriculture and Forestry Mr. Sheikh Nur Mohamed Hassan said the export of livestock to the country is good, and the ban on the export of livestock exported to Saudi Arabia is set to expire in 2016.
Saudi Arabia and in most of Somalia export Livestock in September 2017 on restrictions on the export of livestock and led to livestock in disorders in Rift Valley, but the Ministry of care animals are confirmed to be infected and no cattle Somalia, according to the minister.

He said the Minister of Planning and Planning of the Government of the Republic of Somalia, Mr. Nur Hassan, on 24th August of 2017, held a meeting with the Ministry of Environment, Water and Agriculture of Saudi Arabia for important points in our country. Saudi acknowledged the safety and health of Somalia’s animals.

In most countries in livestock exports include Egypt, Oman and the export of a good relationship between Somalia, Yemen and Saudi Arabia, the world’s biggest wealth exports in the coming years will increase.Finally, the Somali Veterinary Administration said the creation of a New Deal for Farm Trade.