Somali Parliament approves electoral law

Photo/Somali Times

Mogadishu, Members of the Somali Federal Parliament held a regular meeting on Saturday at Villa Hargeisa in Mogadishu.

The agenda for today’s session is the third reading of the National Electoral Law, which was debated by MPs in recent days. Today’s hottest debate has been passed by MPs on the electoral law, which has gone through several stages since today was the last reading of the 3rd majority in which MPs have joined their views.

Speaker Mohamed Mursal Sheikh speaker meeting and finally approved by the National Elections Law and a series Political parties and their leaders to debate controversial.

171 MPs voted in favor of the electoral law and 5-MP abstained. Two-thirds of them also passed the electoral law in the hands of the Transitional Federal Parliament of Somalia. However, the International Community has urged the Federal Government of Somalia to urgently approve the new parliamentary law by the end of 2019.