Somali President and a delegation headed Brussels

Mogadishu, July 14, 2018: The President of the Federal Republic of Somalia, HE Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed and a delegation headed today in Brussels. The president will take part in chairing the Somalia Development Forum in Brussels on July 16 -17. This conference follows the previous meetings between London and Mogadishu on security,

Politics, elections, finance, relief and development in the country and the Somali Federal Government will present the issues that are already being addressed in the planning and design of future plans.
The Deputy Prime Minister of the Federal Government of Somalia, Mr Mahdi Mohamed Guled, said: “We will discuss the second part of this meeting, taking part in the national security plan discussed at the previous meetings and achievements, the withdrawal of the force. The timely Amisom, the development of the economy, if we have become a major credit bureau, a lot of revenue collection and budgeting.

“The third part will be addressed in a comprehensive policy on the natural resources and the distribution, the electoral system, the revised constitution, and the fifth of the first five chapters presented by the Council of Ministers on Thursday past, the electoral code and the electoral system, as well as the progress of the elections in 2020, strengthening efforts to address the drought and food crisis. These are key points in the agenda for the Brussels conference.

During the Brussels conference, there will also be three meetings to discuss the investment,  and the in rebuilding the country, as well as to all stakeholders in the Somali business community. , international investment, institutions and civil society members.