Somali Prime Minister Roble deviates the elections, inciting tribalism and civil war

Somali Prime Minister Mohamed Hussein Roble deviates Somalia’s elections, inciting tribalism and civil war. Somalia’s Prime Minister has been selected on September 2020 by President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo, replacing Hassan Ali Khaire, with the approval of Parliament.

Since then, Somali Prime Minister Roble has been in charge of Somalia’s elections in 2021. The last few months, he has been travelling to more than six countries, according to the Prime Minister’s office. Roble has paid foreign actors to destabilize Somalia.

However, the Somali people are fed up with their country being held hostage, thrown into chaos and civil war once again, which Roble caused. Instead of Roble busy with the elections, he challenged Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo, dismissing a minister and appointed a new one, which Roble is not entitled to do so. Somalia has a constitution, which does not allow to appoint a new minister during the election process.