Somali special forces kill 34 al-Shabaab terrorist including foreign Arab fighters

Somalia’s special forces, forces with the United States launched a planned operation in Jilib district of Middle Juba region.
The operation was carried out at a training center for Al-Shabaab training in Jilib District of Middle Juba. The 43-member commander of the Somali National Army, General Ali Mohamed Mohamoud (Bogmadow), spoke to the media as saying that the forces of the United States supported the attack on an al-Shabaab training camp in the Jilib District of Middle Juba Region.

The commander of the Somali National Army, Maj. Gen, Ali Mohamed Mohamoud (Bogmadow). Said been killed 34 al-Shabaab terrorist including to foreign fighter
Nearly 30 militants and 4 al-Shabaab commander insurgents have been killed in the attack, according to the commander of the commando, General Bogmadow has said the bombers were killed in the attack including two foreign tourists,

The names of the foreigners who were killed in the operation include Aweys Abu Xamza, the Syrian National and Hassan al-Qayad (Abu Yaxya), who is also the leader of the Libyan uprising, including one of Al-Shabaab’s top commanders.
The attack took place at a training center for the Somali militant group of Al-Qaeda linked al-Shabaab militia, which claimed responsibility for the bombing of Al-Shabaab’s compound in Mogadishu.