Somalia airspace bans Kenyan Airlines

The Somali federal government has banned a Kenyan-registered company from operating in the country after it unloaded equipment for the Somaliland elections in Hargeisa from Nairobi.

Credible sources with the Somali Civil Aviation Authority told Somali Times that the airline, Astral Aviation, was banned after violating Somali airspace, which flew to Hargeisa without a permit.

The Kenyan government on May 14th allowed two planes to leave the country and deliver electronic equipment to Somaliland, although it banned flights to and from Somalia.

The planes, licensed by the Kenyan Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA/PRO.91/002 (052) on Thursday, were allowed to take off from Jomo Kenyatta International Airport in Nairobi by two aircrafts operated by Astral Aviation, between May 13 and 15.

Both aircrafts are MacDonnell Douglas DCC-9F and Boeing B727-727F, and are registered in Kenya. Last week Kenya suspended all flights to Somalia, except for medical and humanitarian aid, in response to Somalia banning mira khat.