Somalia corrupt president Hassan Sheikh and Roble into dodgy oil exploration deal

File Photo/Somali Times

Corrupt outgoing Mohamed Hussein Roble nickname Baahane has been seeking a legal basis for an agreement reached by Somalia’s oil minister with a US company earlier this year.

The company, if approved, will have the right to conduct oil and gas exploration in Somalia for the next four years, three Somali sources told Somali Times.

Baahane Roble only needs to write an official letter accepting the much-criticized agreement of Petroleum Minister Abdirashid Mohamed Ahmed.

”Roble must come out of this vile accusation and tell the Somali people why he has entered into secret talks with a company that everyone, including himself, has rejected,” said MP Dahir, Amin Jesow speaks outlet media.

Lawmaker Jesow called on lawmakers to raise their voices against the agreement and demand a response from Roble.

Former Somalia’s Prime Minister Ali Mohamed Gedi, has called on President Hassan Sheikh to immediately ban the prime minister Roble and his government from entering into new agreements with foreign countries and organizations or to accept or modify agreements previously rejected by the government.

“President Hassan Sheikh, you cannot remain silent about Roble’s attempt to take advantage of the transition to get more bribes from foreign companies and countries,” Ali Ghedi said.

Somalia is most corrupted country in the world ranking number one.