Somalia: Galmudug, Hirshabelle and South West leaders rejects Roble election fraud

File Photo Somali Times/Somali puppet Roble of Kenya-UAE

Uhuru Kenyatta and Mohamed bin Zayed give order Somali Puppet Roble to miss up Somalia election wich exchange millions of dollars, according Somali officials told Somali Times.

Galmudug, Hir-Shabelle and South West states have protested the move by the Federal Indirect Elections Team 9FIET to bar four of their elected MPs from the final list.

In separate statements, governor Ali Gudlawe of HirShabelle and his South West counterpart Abdiasis Lafta Gareen said the decision by FIET chairman corrupt Muse Yusuf to lock out their respective MPs-elect was illegal and violation of electoral rules.

”The HOP086 seat has gone through all the procedures for the election, and we have not received any complaint from the community that owns the seat or the candidates who contested it,” Gudlawe said in a statement.

National Security Advisor Fahad Yasin who was elected under seat 86 was locked out from the Hir-Shabelle list made public by corrupt Muse Jama on Thursday, Somali Times reported Muse Jama is corrupted and work as informant Kenya-UAE.

The South West and Hir-Shabelle leaders vowed to stop the swearing in of MPs and urged lawmakers from their states not to participate. However, one MP-elect, former security Minister Abdirizak Mohamed from Hir-Shabelle picked his certificate Saturday morning defying the state president’s position.