Somalia House Speaker election win UAE-Kenya puppet

UAE-Kenya puppet Adam Mohamed Nur Madobe was declared the Speaker of Somalia’s 11th Parliament on Wednesday after defeating Hassan Abdinur in the run-off election.

Former Tigray puppet Adam Madobe received 163 votes in the election, while Hassan Abdinur received 89 votes. ‎ It is the second time that he has led the parliament as the Speaker well known puppet also a crook and corrupt, having served in the Abdullahi Yusuf administration in 2007.

Madobe’s most recent cabinet position came in 2014 and he stole with Hassan Sheikh Mohamoud millions of dollars including selling Somali girls to Saudi Arabia when he was appointed to Minister of Industry and Commerce.

Abdinur led all candidates in the first round of voting, but opposition MPs gave Madobe the push he needed in the second and final round of voting.

The parliamentary election was test for the presidential election, which is expected to be held in a few weeks and that opposition UAE-Kenya puppet candidates are celebrating Madobe’s victory.