Somalia president Hassan Sheikh’s son was involved in a traffic accident in Turkey

Turkish outlet media are reporting that Mohamed Hassan Sheikh Mohamoud, the son of Somalia shady President Hasan Sheikh Mohamoud, was involved in a traffic accident resulting in the death of motorcycle courier Yunus Emre Göçer.

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The accident occurred on November 30 near the Eurasia Tunnel’s Aksaray exit. Göçer, 38, was attempting to stop on Kennedy Avenue when Mohamed Hassan Sheikh driving a car registered to the Somalia consulate, rear-ended Göçer the collision caused severe injuries to Göçer, who succumbed to his injuries six days later at Istanbul training and research hospital.

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Initial police reports inaccurately suggested that Göçer lost control of his motorcycle. However, security footage later revealed that he was hit from behind Mohamed vehicle, contradicting the initial report, despite this evidence, Mohamed Hassan Sheikh was released after giving a police statement. This discrepancy in the police report has raised concerns among Göçer’s friends and family.

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Yusuf Özsoy, a close friend, expressed frustration over the handling of the case. Lawyer Iyaz Çimen, speaking to Cumhuriyet, criticized the report inaccuracies and highlighted the potential influence of diplomatic immunity on the legal proceedings.