Somalia Prime Minister chairs a critical meeting on justice and judicial reforms

Mogadishu-Prime Minister of the Federal Republic of Somalia, H.E. Hassan Ali Khaire chaired the second monthly justice development meeting in which officials discussed accelerating efforts in strengthening our justice system, implementing court decisions, bringing an end to fraudulent documents, and executing land dispute resolution program.

A police chief, Supreme Court Chairman, Justice and Internal Security Ministers, deputy Banadir administration Governor, and the National Auditor attended the meeting where they discussed the importance of justice for stability and restoring public confidence.

Prime Minister Khaire underlined the importance of working together in order to ensure the implementation and enforcement of the courts’ decisions so that citizen is provided fairness and equal justice.

“We can not tolerate any Somali citizen to fall victim to injustice. Everyone involved must stand firm in their commitment to carry out and fulfil their responsibilities, which is to solidify a stronger judiciary system for our citizens. We must change the culture of the past,” said Prime Minister Hassan Ali Khaire.
Officials closed the meeting by highlighting the importance of eradicating the strenuous issue of fraudulent documents and launching land disputes resolution program.