Somalia: Puntland claims federal government and other member states should adopt a direct democratic system

Somali Times Photographer

The Puntland regional administration has issued a press release today praising the elections held yesterday in the administrative areas.

The administration were greatly praised in the election, which was a historic one for the people of Puntland, the international community and the KMG Committee for Administrative Elections, who played a significant role in the election process and for it to be conducted efficiently.

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The press release issued by the Puntland administration called on the federal government and other member states to adopt a direct democratic system.

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Puntland has called on those parties to work on the process of bringing their regions to the electoral process of people and votes, which will enable the people to elect their representative leaders, while fostering a culture of accountability.

“With reference to the shared development, we call on the member states of the Federal Somalia (FMSs) of Somalia and the Federal Government of Somalia (DFS) to similarly adopt a direct democratic system,” said a press release.

”If we do so, we can foster a culture of greater accountability, promoting unity, and ensuring that every Somali’s voice is truly heard. Such joint action undeniably marks an important step forward in our joint journey towards inclusive, transparent and accountable governance,” added the press release.

”The Puntland government has finally asked the people of Puntland to participate in the effort to build accountability, as we embark on this new journey in our political journey, we call on all the people of Puntland to join us in the efforts to build a government accountable to its people, which paves the way for a future of prosperity and harmony for all of us.”

This press release issued by the Presidency comes after last night President Said Deni praised the peacefulness of the election of people and votes in Puntland, which was held in 30 districts yesterday.

President Deni thanked the Puntland Transitional Election Committee, the government forces and all the workers who worked on the election. He also thanked all the political organizations that participated in the election of a person and a vote, and made efforts to ask for the vote of the community.

Finally, he said that the Puntland community’s interest in the election of person and vote is at a point of no return and they must elect their leaders through the system of person and vote.