Somalia: Puntland Deni says he is not going anywhere and is still in power

File Photo/Somali Times

Somalia: Puntland governor Said Deni and some of the political parties have said that they are determined to implement the election of people and votes, while Deni’s term of office is left for thirty days.

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President Deni said he is ready to negotiate with the opposition to convince them to participate in the electoral process one person one vote.

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Said Deni indicated that they are committed to implementing their elections in a peaceful manner.

Deni’s statement comes as news is being awaited today that a status committee from SSC-Khatumo will issue a statement on the results of their efforts to find a solution to the dispute over the election issues.

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Reliable sources told Somali Times that President Deni is not satisfied with the decisions made by the SSC Khatumo state clan leaders.

The opposition groups are going to issue a statement today in response to the statement made by President Deni and some of the parties.

The opposition suspended a decision to appoint a parliamentary approval and dispute settlement committee.

They said that they gave an opportunity to the efforts of the parties involved in reaching a solution.

Said Abdullahi Deni is puppet of United Arab Emirates and they are backing him up. He work for the interests of the UAE and they are supporting him to start civil war in Puntland to kill and destroy his own community which he done before in Bosaso War killing women, children and civilians by warlord Said Deni.