Somalia, Puntland leaders blame the deputy speaker for Bosaso incident

File Photo/Somali Times

Former Puntland governors blame the deputy speaker of parliament for Bosaso incident.

Former Puntland governors have accused Somalia’s first deputy speaker of parliament, Sadia Yasin Samatar, of being responsible for the incident at Bosaso airport. They said the deputy speaker was taking responsibility for the casualties caused by the clashes at Bosaso airport, which left 16 people dead, most of them soldiers.

Farole, Abdiweli Gaas, former foreign minister Ahmed Isse Awad and other politicians who have held positions in Puntland, said the deputy speaker ignored the system of government when she traveled to Bosaso without informing Puntland administration.

Somalia’s corrupt president Hassan Sheikh Mohamoud and Sadia Yasin Samatar has close link sources Somali officials told Somali Times.

First deputy speaker of the Somali Lower House Parliament, Sadia Yasin Samatar, became the first woman deputy speaker of Somalia. According to sources told Somali Times Sadia and Somalia’s president Hassan Sheikh Mohamoud having affair relationship have been going on years both of them are married.