Somalia Puntland opposition politicians say Deni has failed the democratic system

File Photo/Somali Times

The forum of Puntland politicians, united by the opposition politicians, accused President Said Deni of failing to lead Puntland to a solid governance system.

In a press release, they said that President Deni’s political greed has led to security uncertainty, that the constitution has been changed illegally, and that the constitutional court has taken over the power of the parliament.

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They said the local government elections have brought the community against each other. They said that the political organizations remained in conflict.

Opposition politicians accused President Deni of using the salaries of the army and government workers for political campaigns. They expressed great concern about the security situation in Puntland.

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They called for an urgent meeting to discuss the current situation in Puntland, saying that President Deni has directly deviated from the process of democratization in Puntland.

However, Said Deni has been away from Puntland for more than a month, and the last time he went to the United Arab Emirates in the middle of August.

Said Abdullahi Deni is puppet of United Arab Emirates, according sources told Somali Times