Somalia: Puntland President Deni says, ‘Puntland is a individual country.’

Photo/Somali Times

Puntland President Deni “Failure to Resolve Somali Government-Puntland Conflict”

The President of Puntland State of Somalia, Said Abdullahi Deni, delivered a speech at a consultative meeting held in Garowe on Sunday, including issues that the Somali government and Puntland administration have not yet resolved. President Said Deni told the State emphasized that the resolution of conflicts and in case of access barriers separate state,

But the plan has failed and is responsible for the Federal Government. “I emphasized to resolve disputes between government and the president, and spoke about the challenges for us, but everything is to not walk The Government around the planning and construction of the state and attempted to power all take,” he said Said Deni. Speaking on the  deteriorating relationship between the Federal Government & the Puntland administration,

He said Puntland was reviewing its relationship with the Federal Government and would not allow the government to deviate from the Federal Constitution. revoke the things that happen. Since the beginning of the conflict between the Somalia government and the Puntland administration, the president of the administration has been blaming the federal authorities, but no official leaders have responded.