Somalia’s Minister Juha says Puntland has successfully completed the election process by one person, one vote

File Photo/Somali Times

The Minister of Internal Affairs of Puntland, Abdi Farah Juha has announced that he has successfully completed the first phase of the election process one person, one vote in the district councils.

Minister Juha said that the first phase of the elections based on the multi-party system of people and votes were elected in 33 districts of Puntland, and it was successfully completed.

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one person, one vote previous phase in the local councils has ended with victory, and the democratic process said Abdi Farah Juha.

The minister also said that the process of elections will never be suspended and will be completed in the next phase.

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“It was never possible, and the people of Puntland did not deserve to go back to the dark room election selecting MP by clan leaders where they were scratching their backs and counting the bribe money said Juha.”

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“We agree to discuss the example between us, we agree to negotiate, we agree to a middle ground, but it is never possible for a camp to be moved to go back dark room election,” added Minister Juha.

The minister’s statement comes as there is still disagreement and uncertainty about the manner in which the Puntland presidential election will be held in 2024, which is disputed by the government and the opposition.