Somalia’s politics are based on clan and why?

Photo/Somali Times

Somalia has been for the past 30 years no proper president because Somalis are based on clan divisions. Every president who tries to come has clans issues. If Somalis can not be leaders themselves, why they can not call a foreigner or an African man, or a European man to be president of Somalia.

For example, it is based on a political clan in Somalia

The political problems in Somali are all composed of a matter of the insanity sometimes. They grew deeply from within through the previous military dictatorship of Mohammed Siad Barre in 1969-1991, based on the tribal notions Somalia has in its inheritance, as a clan based country with a specific orientation.

But, the clans should not be serious matters to affect the state of Somalia negatively and cause, or contribute to the political crises in the state. They should work together to maintain the unity of the Somalis and the dignity of Somalia, as a modern, secular state.

That means the Somali composition of clans should be used to the benefit of the state, instead of using this combination to destroy the unity of the country and the weak clans, all together. Events exposed historically from the independence of Somalia until recently prove that the given composition worked very bad to produce political systems that have never been effective and functioning well to improve the political situations in Somalia.

There are some points here to understand the nature of the political problems in Somalia, starting from the first day Somalia became independent country.

The first is that, the country has been divided from the start under the control of three competing colonial powers, when they sought and established treaties with the clans to protect them.

This could explain the political problems in Somalia nowadays, as each part of the country has been created according to the tribal division,

Somalia politicians are busy with clans and tribalism. Some of the politicians who have no education or whatsoever are calling civil war.