Somalia’s president Hassan Sheikh travel to meet both UAE and Israel officials-sources say

Somalia corrupt president Hassan Sheikh Mohamoud travel his first trip to UAE officially and he is going to meet both UAE and Israel officials on matters related to Abraham Accords and the exploitation of Somalia. He’ll then travel to Saudi Arabia and other countries, according to reliable sources told Somali Times inside Villa Somalia.

The president, accompanied by members of Villa Somalia and some cabinet ministers, was seen off at the airport by the caretaker Prime Minister, Mohamed Hussein Roble, and other officials.

According to Villa Somalia, the corrupt president of Somalia has received an official invitation from the United Arab Emirates government which has been working hard in Somali politics on recent days, to get closer to the new Somali government, UAE and Israel officials on matters related to Abraham Accords.

Hassan Sheikh Mohamoud will hold talks with President Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan and Israel officials related to Abraham Accords.