Somalis decision over Qalbi-dhagah case

Members of the Somali Federal Parliament on Saturday had a very sensitive debate about the case of Abdikarim Sheikh Muse, aka Qalbi-dhagah who was transferred to Ethiopian Government by Somali Government early on September Parliament’s Commission for the investigation read their report before the lawmakers and discussed their results and recommendations and proper decisions to be taken.
The Commission said that the handing over of Mr. Abdikarin was illegal, saying that World doesn’t recognize former Somali Army as a terrorist organization.

Somali Government’s policy does not include recognizing and welcoming guerilla or armed group which is against peace and existence of neighboring countries and the world as whole”, the report said.152 parliament members accepted the report over Mr. Abdikarim Sh. Muse, 6 others rejected while 3 others abstained after discussions according to the Speaker, Hon. Mohamed Osman Jawari.Somalia’s cabinet defended its move that it handed over Abdikarim Sh. Muse known as Qalbi-dhagah to Ethiopia and called him to a terrorist member on September 6