Spectrum weighs in Somalia-Kenya diplomatic row

Federal Government of Somalia, hosted a successful promotion of the Somalia Offshore Round at the Somalia Oil and Gas Conference. During this successful promotion, no exploration blocks were auctioned. Spectrum Geo Limited signed a Co-Operation Agreement with the Federal Government of Somalia, in Mogadishu in September 2015, in order to acquire 2D multi-client seismic data offshore the coastline of the Republic of Somalia, as the first step in the hydrocarbon exploration process.

Spectrum acquired a total of 20,185 km. of 2D seismic data, in a grid stretching from south of the maritime border with the Federal State of Puntland, to north of the maritime border with the Republic of Kenya. All of this seismic data was acquired wholly within the maritime territory of the Federal Government of Somalia and no data were acquired within the area currently the subject of the maritime delimitation case with Kenya.

Source: Spectrum