The international cooperation conference does not address the absence of regional federal state

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Puntland and Jubbaland rejected the international cooperation conference,

Mogadishu,The international cooperation conference does not address the absence of regional federal state. in Somalia and international interest in Mogadishu, no mention was made of the absence of some regional governments. Although regional conference from role, although the meeting took steps onto the international community and the federal government.

The stakeholders say that Somalia has long developed a positive atmosphere and the ability to fulfill its role as a full member of the international community, including the ability to host similar international conferences. It did not appear to have been given any role by the regional governments on the importance of the conference, but a statement released today is expected to highlight their role.

The President of Puntland State of Somalia said,

The President of Puntland State of Somalia, Said Abdullahi Deni, for the first time explained the reasons behind the failure of Puntland to attend the Somali Partnership Forum in Mogadishu. President Deni said that Puntland was not prepared for the conference, but saw the social media on his agenda and the information that would come out of his preparedness, so he decided not to attend, as he had no advice. have no intention.

“I am so disgusted at such a conference, that Puntland is not advised that Puntland has seen the public on the agenda of the conference and, in fact, whether Puntland has seen Communique or the outcome of the conference. Ready, ”said the President of Puntland.

Mr Deni said that the only role that Puntland was given at the conference was to give their views within five minutes of how they read the speeches in the conference, adding that this would be a cost to the Puntland government. , and it’s not portable.

The President made the remarks at a meeting in Bossaso last night, where he announced that Puntland was ready to hold an open dialogue with Villa Somalia President Farmajo crew to see the wrong sides and resolve them. the conflict that exists.

Puntland and Jubbaland rejected the conference, writing today for a briefing. Both said the federal government was not planning to hold the conference in any way, pointing out that they were not advised of the conference agenda and their role.