The King says, ‘Ali saleeban are a great community, very business orientated from richest properly with no doubt about it. But they have no political muscle.

Photo: Credit social media

On behalf of the King Tarameed of the Ismail Ali community and Ali Salebaan people in particular and the King of the Ali Salebaan people, I call on the Federal Government not to allow rigged election the people of eastern Puntland to reach the Somali Government and the Puntland Autonomous Region.

King Ismail Ali calls on Speaker Mursal and President Farmajo not to allow the people of eastern Puntland to be represented in government and to provide services and governance to Somalia so that members of parliament and the government can be included in government representation in the country.

The worst member of the lower house of parliament representing at least 10 members, was former Puntland President Abdullahi Yusuf who robbed locals in search of a seats.

The residents of Qandala are people who love the Somali government and have always support Somali unity since the death of the local hero who burned the Italian colony flag, which is Ali Fahiye Gedi.

Qandala does not need an orange party to go to a party and open an office, Qandala needs to Somali federal government to development, Hospital Schools need educational institutions, with water wells all the community services it needs.

I urge Somalia Prime Minister Mohamed Hussein Roble to take a similar step and include people in the cabinet. Representing these areas, I wish them success and development.’

The views expressed in this article belong to King of Ismail Ali and ‘Ali saleeban people King Tarameed and do not necessarily reflect the editorial policy of Somali Times.