The Latest: Al-Shabaab calls 70 business owners in Mogadishu to collect taxes

Mogadishu: More than 70 business managers who were based in Mogadishu, Al-Shabaab’s calls, sources has said that Al-Shabaab met with owners of various businesses in the capital including clothing, restaurants, hotels, pharmacies, supermarkets, grocery stores and car sales.

The meeting took place in Basra Village in Lower Shabelle region, about 30 kilometers north of Mogadishu on Monday night. On May 11, where they met four officials from Al-Shabaab’s zakat collection committee. Most of the business managers who met Al-Shabaab were from import and export companies, but there were small business owners, mostly traders in Hamar Weyne, Bakara and Maka al-Mukarama streets.

Some paid what they called zakat or promised to pay later this month, a businessman who attended the meeting told sources . Al-Shabaab talks with traders have taken a long time since Tuesday, after some traders complained that tens of thousands of dollars were needed, and the money needed to be reduced. “When traders leave Mogadishu, they are already ready for their money. We estimate 75 traders paid between Monday and Tuesday last week giving an estimated USD250,000 to USD350,000 by Al-Shabaab.

Meanwhile, a clothing store in Hamar weyne confirmed to sources said he had paid $ 2,500 after long talks. “My store is not big but Al-Shabaab’s tax officials have asked me to pay USD4,000. I paid USD2,500 after the negotiations, ”the store’s owner told sources .