Top 10 African Countries With The Best Roads

Namibia Highway

Here are the top 10 African countries with the best road quality:

Namibia has been ranked as the country with the best quality of roads in Africa for a fifth consecutive time, according to the World Economic Forum’s Global Competitiveness Report Index of 2020 on the quality of road infrastructure. Namibia scored a ranking of 5.2 out of 7, beating South Africa and Rwanda, which both scored a ranking of 5.0. Namibia has an impressive global ranking at 23 – ranking above some of the advanced countries such as China, India, and Italy (they ranked at 42, 46, and 56 respectively).

The best ranking countries in the world are the United Arab Emirates, Singapore, and Switzerland which all had a ranking of 6.2.

Namibia’s Road Authority (RA), a state-owned entity, said that this favorable ranking can be attributed to two factors – the determined maintenance of existing road infrastructure and the construction of new road networks. “Namibia’s success is attributed to two important factors, namely an effective maintenance strategy on existing road infrastructure, which plays a pivotal role in prolonging its lifespan, and the upgrading and construction of new roads, which contribute significantly to the quality of national roads,” the RA said in a statement.

The RA further added, “The RA will ensure that all damaged sections are restored after the rainy season has ended and where needed, drainage structures will be constructed to mitigate future damages/flooding. This will be done to keep our road network in a good condition as we strive to achieve our vision of having a sustainable road sector, which is ahead of national and regional socio-economic needs in pursuit of Namibia’s Vision 2030. The RA believes that our good road network will continue to drive our economy to greater heights, give us prosperity and alleviate poverty.”

The improvement of road infrastructure is a pivotal element of fostering the economic progress of the continent, but this must be done without incurring huge, unpayable debts to developed countries.

Here are the top 10 African countries with the best road quality:

1. Namibia (Score of 5.2, world ranking 23)
2. South Africa (Score of 5.0, world ranking 29)
3. Rwanda (Score of 5.0, world ranking 31)
4. Cote d’voire (Score of 4.7, world ranking 42)
5. Mauritius (Score of 4.7, world ranking 44)
6. Morocco (Score of 4.4, world ranking 55)
7. Kenya (Score of 4.2, world ranking 61)
8. Botswana (Score of 4.1, world ranking 63)
9. Cape Verde (Score of 4.1, world ranking 66)
10. Senegal (Score of 4.0, world ranking 71)

Source: African Exponent