Trump deports 70 Somalis before stepping down

Credit: AP Photo/Alex Brandon/President Donald Trump

Hundreds of Somalis have been deported to Somalia since President Donald Trump took office, and a number more were repatriated yesterday. A total of 70 Somalis were flown out of the US state of Minnesota yesterday, the largest repatriation by the United States this month.

Mohamoud Muse Hassan, a Somali-American rights activist, said they had made many efforts, but had failed. He also noted that the Trump administration had not heeded calls to repatriate Somalis, most recently those who were repatriated yesterday.

“Most of the deportees are men, not women and children, and there are people who have been deported and are working,” said Mohamoud Muse. The deportees have also been convicted of minor offenses as part of Donald Trump’s election campaign. The Trump administration, which steps down on January 20, has repatriated thousands of people, including Somalis.