Turkey and Qatar donate aid to Yemen

Turkey’s and Qatar Support Fund donated about $ 1 million to Yemeni people affected by the civil war in the country.
The donation, followed by a ceremony at the Turkish Red Crescent in Istanbul, where a bilateral cooperation agreement was signed between Yemen’s chief of Qatar’s High Commissioner for Refugees and Turku Faisal Rashid Al Fehida and Kerem Kinik.
These parties support Yemen’s plans to send food and medicine to the country first, with the latter being in the process of transporting hospitals.
According to the United Nations agency, people are in need of humanitarian assistance.A third of the people living in Yemen need humanitarian assistance.
According to UN figures, there are 22 million people in Yemen who are in need of urgent assistance. 17 million people need food security; 8 million people suffer from famine and poverty.
At a high-level meeting in Geneva in April, the UN estimated nearly three billion dollars is needed to help those who are suffering.