Uganda claims Rwandan military violated its territory

Uganda on Sunday accused the Rwanda’s border troops of entering into its territory and killing two people. The Ugandan Foreign Ministry said it protested in “the strongest terms the violation of its territory”, while the country’s police launched an investigation into the incident. Ugandan Police Spokesman Fred Enanga said in a statement that the incident took place on Friday night when Rwandan soldiers entered southwestern Ugandan district of Rukiga.

The armed soldiers entered “about 80 meters into Ugandan territory” to chase a Rwandan businessman on motorcycle carrying merchandise, said the police statement.”The victim was shot to the head and killed instantly,” it added, noting that a Ugandan was also killed by the same armed soldiers while he was “trying to intervene”.

“The police strongly condemned the violent acts of killing innocent civilians with impunity, regardless of their immigration status.” “In this very instance, there was no justification for the illegal entry and use of deadly force by the Rwandan military, due to the presence of alternative, adequate and effective remedies available at our disposal.”The police were investigating the incident, read the statement.

However, a press release from the Rwanda National Police rejected the allegations stating the Rwandan security forces intercepted a “suspected smuggler”. “The suspect resisted and turned violent, and was joined by others who attacked the officers with machetes while attempting to flee back to Uganda.” It also denied Uganda’s claim of violating territory by Rwandan forces, underlining the incident happened inside Rwanda.

“Following the incident, Ugandan and Rwandan authorities met on Saturday morning to jointly examine the issue.”

Source: Anadolu Agency