UN condemns the killing of children’s in Yemen

UN-A meeting in New York, The UN Security Council condemned the assassination of a number of Yemeni children, demanding that an independent investigation into the assassination of the Saudi Armed Forces killed many children Yemen, as they were carrying a bus. Following the meeting, the council agreed to review the results of the military intervention in Saudi Arabia, which ended the week in which the children were killed in Saudi Arabia Airstrike. Karen Pierce, the acting head of the United Nations Security Council that required analysis of this fact before, so answer.

The killings have been reported to have killed 29 children, but the raiders say the four were killed in the raid, while more were injured. Saudi government supports Yemen government and support from the United States and Britain members of the United Nations Security Council initially said that the move was legitimate and no civilians were harmed, but he said investigating the incident. Yemeni’s fighters have been affected by the deaths of millions of people from their homes, thousands have died, while many others have been injured.