UN Security Council has delayed the withdrawal of AU troops from Somalia six months

The UN Security Council has passed a resolution by a majority vote to extend the African Union Mission in Somalia (ATMIS) for six months until December.

The security council said that the six-month period will support the preparation of the Somali government’s plan for the second phase and the reduction of ATMIS operation forces.

The Security Council called on the Somali government to continue working with the African Union, the United Nations, the European Union and other partners, to gradually take over the security responsibility of ATMIS.

The Council asked the Government of Somalia and the African Union to conduct a joint technical assessment by August 31, to evaluate the first phase of ATMIS reduction, while on September 15 to prepare for the second phase and for the Somali government to present a new report to the Council on November 30, which on the progress made in the implementation of the revised national security framework.

The Deputy Permanent Representative of Somalia to the United Nations, Mohamed Raabi Yusuf, welcomed the renewal of the ATMIS mission, noting that Somalia’s leading operations have resulted in heavy losses and large areas of Al-Shabab.

“The government is committed to fully hand over security responsibility to ATMIS within the agreed timeframe, with the planning and implementation of the reduction being carried out in collaboration with the Joint Technical Committee,” said Somalia’s deputy envoy to the UN.

He noted that the first phase of the reduction of 2,000 ATMIS soldiers is nearing completion, and the armed forces of Somalia are taking responsibility for 4 centers where ATMIS used to operate.

He stressed that part of the UN arms embargo is hampering the government’s ability to adequately recruit its own security forces to counter the growing threat of Al-Shabab – which could allow it to regroup. get organized. He reiterated his government’s call to immediately lift the sanctions from Somalia.