United Nations Security Council has submitted a plan to remove Somalia arms embargo

File Photo Somali Times/Somali special forces commandos

The United Nations Security Council has submitted a plan to provide weapons to the Federal Government of Somalia and ATMIS after a meeting between the Security and Peace Committee of the African Union and representatives of the United Nations.

The chairman of the committee pointed out that there is a need for Somalia to immediately remove the arms embargo or at least reduce it, so that it has the opportunity to buy weapons to eliminate the Al-Shabab terrorist group that is fighting against it government forces and ATMIS.

“During our discussions with the representatives of the United Nations and other parties that support the African Union Army, we told them to provide armed support to the Somali and African Union forces to carry out operations against terrorism that has besieged many areas the land of Somalia,” said Somali officials.

Al-Shabab terrorist group and remove it from Somalia while the government forces and ATMIS are fighting with weapons similar to those of Al-Shabab.

”Somalia has an arms embargo. In order to remove the terrorists from their places, it is important to find different weapons than those they have. If you need, the man you are fighting with, if you are armed with each other, you will not be able to defeat him, and it is difficult to pull him, but the only way to defeat him is to have modern weapons,” said Somali officials in UN.

The ATMIS operation planned to carry out the operation of the second part of the African army, which was renamed AMISOM, to transfer the responsibility of the security of the Somali forces to their country.