Uproar Over Video of Nairobi Speaker Forcibly Shaking Muslim Woman’s Hand, Attempting to Remove Her Veil

Members of the public have expressed their displeasure after a video emerged online showing Nairobi County Speaker Kennedy Okeyo Ng’ondi allegedly violating a Muslim woman’s cultural sanctity, according to Now Kenya reported.

In the video shared by popular blogger and activist Cyprian Nyakundi, the Nairobi County Speaker could be seen engaging in song and dance in the company of other colleagues in what appeared like a party.

While sharing the video, Nyakundi alleged that Okeyo is known to get whatever he wants with the ladies. He further called upon the Islam community in Kenya to shade light on the appropriateness of the actions by the former Kware Ward MCA.

“Was this during a staff party or a retreat? It’s being reported that the Speaker is fond of forcing women to do whatever he wants.

“What you are witnessing here is someone who can easily abuse the juniors. Why is this allowed on someone heading an institution like the County Assembly of Nairobi?” Nyakundi posed.

“Hello, my Muslim brothers and sisters. Why should someone force himself on a devout Muslim lady who is not willing to defy the manners of her faith?” He added.

Responding to the video, a section of leaders in the country have since condemned the act by Okeyo, terming it gross violation of her privacy.

On his part, renowned lawyer Ahmednasir Abdullahi claimed that the actions by the Nairobi County Speaker formed ground for a legal suit.

“This is physical assault, a gross trespass to the person of the lady. I will be very surprised if criminal charges are not preferred,” Ahmednasir opined.

Former Kenya Tourism Federation Chairman Mohammed Hersi described Okeyo as an uncultured man with no respect for women and other people’s faith. He explained that the former MCA’s actions could easily pass for sexual assault.

“This woman has all the right to level charges against him as it qualifies as sexual harassment intimidation aside. She should have stood up and told him ” don’t dare lay your hands on me ” . Trust me even a fool will come back to his senses.

“If I am the husband of this women I will certainly sue him,” Hersi stated.

His sentiments were echoed by former Kenya Medical Practitioners, Pharmacists and Dentists Union Secretary General Chibanzi Mwachonda who called for legal action against the Nairobi Speaker.

“It’s wrong and action should be taken against him, sexual harassment and disregard for religion,” he said.

“Instead of fulfilling his duties in the oversight and legislative roles, the speaker is busy misusing his powers and privileges by abusing women, their faith, and beliefs. It’s time to hold him accountable,” X user by the moniker, Carlmaury stated.

While a majority may have aired on the side of holding Okeyo to account, a few held reservations of what the two’s relationship might be outside glares of the camera.

“Nothing to be surprised about here. Why not the other lady? And from the face of the woman, they are buddies. Who knows what happens in the cubicles of Nairobi County offices where there’s no Camera,” X user Neddie opined.