US, NATO line of military confrontation with Russia may bring ‘catastrophic consequences’: Lavrov

By Anadolu Agency

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said on Monday that the US and NATO line for a military confrontation with Russia, with the intention to contain Moscow, poses a risk of a “direct clash of nuclear powers with catastrophic consequences.”​​​​​​​

“In the context of the West’s efforts to contain Russia, the line of the United States and NATO as a whole for an actual military confrontation with us poses a serious threat. Obviously, this is fraught with a direct clash of nuclear powers with catastrophic consequences,” Lavrov said in a video address to the Moscow Conference on Non-Proliferation.

Lavrov further noted that the West “maliciously distorts” Russian warnings on the matter and accuses Moscow of using a “threat rhetoric.”

“Taking this opportunity, I would like to confirm that the Russian side is firmly committed to the logic of the understandings that were enshrined in the joint documents of the nuclear five countries,” Lavrov indicated.

Lavrov also expressed Russia’s regret that the strategic dialogue between Russia and the US is being held by Washington in a “frozen state” and that the absence of negotiations to maintain stability will accumulate existing problems.

“Due to the unwillingness of the US to take practical constructive steps towards North Korea, there is no progress in resolving the situation around the Korean peninsula,” he said.

He also added that NATO’s attempts to “reformat” the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons “for themselves” are of serious concern.​​​​​​​