Who invited the SSC-Khatumo leader of Somalia to Mogadishu?

File Photo/Somali Times

The leader of the SSC-Khatumo Abdiqadir Ahmed Aw-Ali received an official invitation from Villa Somalia for the first time since his election, according to reliable sources told Somali Times.

According to sources close to him, the Prime Minister of the Federal Government of Somalia, Hamza Abdi Barre, invited SSC-Khatumo leader Abdiqadir Ahmed Aw-Ali to Mogadishu.

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The leader of the SSC-Khatumo is going to visit Mogadishu soon after the invitation he received from Prime Minister Hamza.

President SSC-Khatumo Abdiqadir Ahmed Aw-Ali is meeting with the Heads of the Federal Government as well as the International Community, especially the United Nations Organizations and Donors in Mogadishu.

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The parties are expected to discuss the issues of development projects and humanitarian aid and request the various organizations to operate in the SSC-Khatumo regions.

SSC-Khatumo is believed to be an authority that wants to be part of the federal authorities of Somalia,

It is not clear if Abdiqadir Ahmed Aw-Ali will discuss federal issues with the leaders of the federal government or not.