Why is the SSC Khatumo state not allowed to participate in football games in the region?

File Photo/Somali Times

According to sources told Somali Times from the Ministry of Sports in Somalia, the administration of SSC Khatumo has been excluded from the games of the regional governments of the country.

It is said that this issue was decided after a proposal from the sports judging committee that indicated that SSC-Khatumo did not meet the requirements for their participation in these games.

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The Ministry of Sports also said that no one pressured them to exclude them from the list, after reports that they were under pressure.

Khatumo’s name appeared in the list of regional games of the country which was recently announced by the Ministry of Youth and Sports of Somalia.

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As for Khatumo, they told the media that they are having a meeting on this issue and will announce the outcome.

Participation in the games of the regional governments of the country and the Banadir region is organized by the Ministry of Sports, politically, while the technical management is owned by the Somali Football Federation.

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Several conditions are attached to the participation in these games at the federal level held in Mogadishu every two years.

Each of the regional administrations of the country and the Banadir region is required to have an established football association and sports committees from the regional to the district level that regulate these games.

The second is that there should be competitions held by the administrations by their regional or district level connections to select the players who would come from that administration and participate in the competition where all the administrations of the country see each other.