Why Somali President Farmajo is busy dismantling the Federal States leadership?

Photo/Somali Times/Jubbaland State President Sheikh Ahmed Islam Madobe

Jubaland has one elected presidents Sheikh Ahmed Islam Madobe

Presidents Sheikh Ahmed Islam Madobe was overwhelmingly voted in Wednesday garnering 56 out of the possible 74 votes by the newly elected Jubaland parliament. as an international community congratulated him and assured support. Jubbaland the joy of peaceful electoral process, a demonstration of a strong and unwavering will of the people to determine their governance and guarantee their security and political stability even in the face of extreme pressure,” the statement read in part.

Weak Somali Federal Government in Mogadishu dismissed his election as a nullity

Why Somali President Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed Farmaajo is busy dismantling the Federal States leadership to install his allies, and  Marehan sub-clans when, in reality he will not himself retain his seat come 2020. Going by past Somalis voting patterns, no President has ever retained power. Why destroy what took the Somalis years to build?

Ex-Somali Presidents Hassan Sheikh Mohamud and Sharif Sheikh Ahmed, Puntland state President Said Abdullahi Dani, former Galmudug State President Abdikarim Guleid and Deputy Speaker of Somali Senate Abshir Ahmed, who commended the peaceful polls.


However, weak Somali federal government spends millions US Dollar on propaganda machine Facebook, twitter Instagram instead builds hospitals, schools, housing sector and helping those Somalis who facing hardship Aid money going to social media.

Jubbaland, one of the five federal states in Somalia (the sixth, Somaliland has demanded total independence)