50,000 Ethiopian were employed to work in UAE


Ethiopian Prime Minister, Abiy Ahmed, said the government signed an agreement with the United Arab Emirates to employ 50,000 workers in Ethiopia in 2019 and year 2020.

Abiy Ahmed said was referring to parliamentarians in his country, and noted that the goal of which is to send 50,000 Ethiopian workers to the United Arab Emirates, a program aimed at enhancing the country’s internal dynamics and the dynamics of the diplomatic crisis in the UAE countries in the Horn of Africa. He also said his government plans to reduce the unemployment rate of Ethiopian citizens, and noted that one of the plans was to send a Professional Worker to foreign countries.

Prime Minister Abi Ahmed also addressed the parliament on Monday in the context of the agreement signed with the UAE and stated that it agreed to send 50,000 workers to the United Arab Emirates 2019 until 2020.

“Ethiopians are concerned about how to get a better and they are able to secure their knowledge,” said Abiy Ahmed. On the other hand, he said in his speech that there are employers in the negotiations with European countries and Japan.

However, the United Arab Emirates took part in a mediated mediation by the Saudi government signed the agreement between the governments of Ethiopia and Eritrea in mid-October, ending the conflict between Ethiopia and Eritrea, which was between From 1998 to June 2000, they have died at least 80,000 people on both sides.