The president Ahmed Islaan visited Abdikarim Qalbi-dhagah, who is still in custody

Addis Ababa-Somali Times Jubaland State President HE Ahmed Mohamed Islaan has been seen the first ever since he has been transferred to Ethiopia by Somali government Colonel Abdikarim  qalbi-dhagah
The first photos that saw him come to Ahmed Islaan  facebook  photo are Ahmed Islaan, and the pictures show that Abdikarim Qalbi -dhagah is in good condition, he is wearing an hourly unauthorized prison in prisons , a dark a sweater and a jacket with a smile.well done Jubaland State President HE Ahmed Mohamed Islaan

There are ongoing talks between the Government of Ethiopia and the ONLF factions in Qalbi Stone, including the ONLF’s requirement to release political prisoners. It is unclear where the photographs were taken but they were taken in the house without knowing whether their home was a home-made and was removed from the prison.
Somali Federal Parliament committee issued a report the panel told Abdikarim Qalbi -dhagah was illegal,to be transferred to a foreign country is wrong but no one has been arrested, one responsible for the crime and taken a job expelled, and carry out the majority of the Somali Federal Parliament are separated from the previous confidence that was chosen by the Ethiopian and Ethiopian interests in Somalia.