Abdirahman Farole order Puntland security forces to arrest prominent politician Muse Ali Jama

International, Human Rights Act
Release of Muse Ali Jama politician Muse Ali Jama, who is currently in custody in Bossaso.

Bosaso, Somali Times Puntland security forces arrested one of the politicians in the port city of Bosaso on Saturday, politician Muse Jama has been a major critic of the government led by Puntland Governor Said Abdullahi Deni, Abdirahman Farole and has made several accusations.

Also, Muse Ali Jama attended a meeting last night in Bossaso with a group of traditional elders and politicians in the Bari region, which has been criticized for criticizing the administration of Said Abdullahi Deni. The warrant was issued by the Puntland State Governor and for Security advisor, Evil Abdirahman Farole, politician Muse Ali Jama who is currently in custody in Bossaso.