Ahmed Madobe allied Minister Janan surrender to Farmajo

Photo/Somali Times

Demonstrations to welcome Abdirashid Janan, Jubaland’s security minister, are taking place in Beled-Hawo, Gedo region.

The residents of Beled-Hawo town have gathered in the neighborhoods of the Gedo region. with slogans welcoming Abdirashid Janan. Hours ago, Report of an agreement between Abdirashid Janan and the Somali federal government emerged and preparations have been underway in Beled-Hawo since yesterday to welcome Janan and his loyal troops.

Sources told Somali Times that federal government officials and military commanders are heading to Dollow town from Beled-Hawo to meet with former Jubaland security minister Abdirashid Janan who is being welcomed in the town.

The Federal Government issued an international warrant of arrest against Abdirashid Janan early last year after he escaped custody in Mogadishu. Abdirashid Janan was wanted for alleged human rights violations in Gedo region.

Jubaland forces under the command of Abdirashid Janan fought with Federal Government last year and this year in Beled Hawo resulting in deaths and displacements.