Ahmed Madobe and Kenya declares takeover of Beled-Hawo

Photo/Somali Times

Jubaland President Ahmed Madobe told Somali Times the fighting in the Beled Hawo district in Gedo region was between Janan and Somali government forces. Ahmed Madobe first revealed that the fighting was carried out by government forces, but was defended by Jubaland forces.

“After resistance, they entered the city, and now things are going on there,” said the president of Jubaland Ahmed Madobe. He also added that their forces have taken control of key facilities, such as the district headquarters & military bases, as he put it.

The municipality and to the presence of militants in and not have any problems,” he added. Ahmed Madobe, who continued his speech said that the fighting is currently going on outside the city and the gunfire is still going on.

The situation in Beled-Hawo is very tense, and this morning the Somali National Army, especially the specially trained Gorgor, launched a counterattack.

However, the Somali government issued a statement blaming Kenya for the fighting, saying an armed militia had attacked Beled-Hawo.