Ahmed Madobe fully supports Kenya to succeed maritime case in the ICJ

Photo/Somali Times/ Kenyan puppet Ahmed Madobe.

Jubaland Administration Governor Ahmed Madobe spoke for the first time about the maritime dispute between Somalia and Kenya at the International Court of Justice (ICJ).

A statement of Kenyan puppet Ahmed Madobe said that Jubaland and its people stand by them and have high hopes for the success of the Kenya debate on the return of the disputed sea to Kenya.

The Jubaland Governor said he stood with Kenya. ”Between Kenya and Somalia at the International Court of Justice, I stand by Kenya and other members of the second day of our maritime litigation with Kenya at the International Court of Justice,” Kenyan puppet Ahmed Madobe said.

”All Jubaland citizens wherever they are, Kenyan puppet Ahmed Madobe urged to unite so can defend their territory together against Somalia.”