Somali lawyers says Kenya wanted Somalia to donate part of the maritime boundary

Lawyers for the Somali government have told the ICJ that the Kenyan government has always wanted a peaceful settlement, and has been reluctant to seek justice.

Lawyers says Kenya wanted to voluntarily part of the Somali maritime boundary and have always opposed legal separation.

They dismissed reports that the two governments had previously reached an agreement on the maritime issue, but to the best of their knowledge, there was no direct or indirect agreement between Somalia and Kenya on the maritime boundary between the two countries.

Kenya has repeatedly said in the past that it was contradictory, saying that there was an agreement, and that there was a disagreement on the issue, in terms of conflicting words.

The case is set to reconvene tomorrow, with the Somali side saying Kenya’s debate is hopeless. In today’s debate, it was absent from the Kenyan side in the case, but the court said it was “deeply saddened” by Kenya’s action, but instead had enough documents for Kenya’s debate maritime case continue.

The Somali government, for its part, is optimistic that the outcome will be a win-win situation, but success or failure always depends on the court’s decision.