Al-Shabab captures UN helicopter in Somalia

A photograph appear on the Internet

A helicopter belonging to the United Nations and its accompanying personnel has been captures Al-Shabab terrorist group, after it landed wrongly in an area controlled by the group, according to Somali officials.

The helicopter was said to have landed in an area near Xindheere in the Galgudud region, which is controlled by the Al-Shabab terrorist group, as confirmed by security officials who spoke to Somali Times.

The helicopter and its crew, said to be up to 6 people, are now under the custody of the Al-Shabab terrorist group, the sources said.

Until now, it has not been officially confirmed why the plane landed there, but preliminary information says that it came to a technical fault that forced it to make an unplanned landing.

The helicopter took off from the city of Beledweyne and was headed to the Wisil area of the Mudug region, according to the Minister of Security of Galmudug, Mohamed Abdi Adan.

The minister added that the plane was carrying medicine, but due to a malfunction it had to land quickly in Xindheere area.

The United Nations Office in Somalia and the Al-Shabab group have not yet released any news about this incident.