Amin Amir’s sister, Basmo Amir apologizes for insulting Galmudug players

Photo/Somali Times

The Benadir regional commissioner for Social Affairs Basmo Amir has apologized for a statement she made yesterday about the Benadir region team’s victory in a football tournament in Mogadishu. Basmo said she was overwhelmed by the excitement of her region’s victory, which led to her losing to the Galmudug players in a penalty shootout victory over Benadir.

“I apologize to the people of Somalia, especially the people from Galmudug and the Galmudug team and their administration for the nonsense I shared with the media,” said Basmo. She added, “I apologize for the statement that the Galmudug players to go back to Adado. I was overwhelmed by the trophy won by the Benadir team. Is it wrong, God willing.”

Basmo’s Speech by the present of attacks against non-scored social networking sites, which was speaking in different ways.

“As you know, the Benadir players worked voluntarily, nothing was promised, they own the country and the capital and the flag,” Basmo said at the end of the regional football tournament.